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Ahad, 14 Mac 2010

Kehebatan Seorang Wanita

Oh.. Watching King Kong(2005) just now at TV3. Although i have to bergusti berebut channel with my dearest granny Tok Mek who insist to watch DoReMi still it doesnt ruin my mood. This movie makes me tears down no matter how many freaking time i’ve watched it! Thums up for the director Peter Jackson. Here’s the summary of the movie.

An obsessively self-promoting filmmaker named Carl Denham (Jack Black) loads a film crew and a hapless young actress named Anne Darrow (Naomi Watts) onto a boat called Venture to set out for a mysterious place known only as Skull Island. There, they find more at their shooting location than they bargained for. The natives kidnap Darrow’s leading lady and sacrifice her to their local god… a 25ft tall ape named Kong. But Kong doesn't do with Anne what he usually does with his other victims. Her blonde hair hypnotizes him, her beauty beguiles him, and so he leaves her extremities intact. This monkey's in love. But unfortunately, at the end of the story, Kong die due to the military action in order to protect the citizen of New York. Till the end of his life Kong still got the love for the lady who has his heart by her beauty.

‘it’s the beauty who kills the beast’.. by carl denham

So ape releven nyer benda nih dengan tajuk entri aku? Meh tengok pic yang aku amek kat sini

Well Kong mati sebab perempuan tu taw?
Hebat tak? Hebat tak?
Kong jugak mati kat kaki perempuan tu. Kong tu jantan taw? :P
Hebat tak? Hebat tak?

Kalau korang tak rasa hebat aku tetap rasa hebat jugak!! Aku tak pedulik! -_-

p/s: aku suka!!!

5 ulasan:

  1. kong nih b'hati lembut..
    badan je bsar..

  2. hahaha.. romantik per.. :)

  3. =)
    suke sgt la die..

  4. dop paham.. huhu

    btw, hok gokoss tu aku la...

  5. nr: huhu. ketandusan idea melampau seyh.
    sya: mu xpaham mende weyh??


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